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Spatial Web – The Climax of Tech

And that’s it! There it is, the climax of technology! And it’s called Spatial Web.
The big word that comes to unify all technologies and concepts in a broad and diverse way and conceptualizes how things will work between Human and Technology.

This Web 3.0 (Spatial Web) is the harmony between people, spaces, things and digital. Where everything and everyone is connected and… has an ID number 😁

The harmony between all big tech words we hear about:

  • IoT – Everything has an ID, every object is connected;
  • AI – A machine has sufficient intelligence to sense and act when needed;
  • Robótica – A machine has robustness and the necessary degrees of freedom to act;
  • 3D – Our imagination becomes rendered;
  • AR – Every render has a position in space and may be interactable;
  • VR – We may want to teleport to another places;
  • MR – We may want to teleport to another places and walk without bumping into a physical wall 😂
  • Cloud – The place where every digital content is;
  • 5G – Get digital content with no delay;
  • Blockchain – Get digital content in the safest, fair and truthful way;

…and People represented by avatars in the digital world.

These are exciting times for AR and VR. These technologies are the way we’ll interact with the Spatial Web, and according to Statista the market size value is growing fast and expanding, so it’s the perfect time to have business.


vr ar
Market size of AR/VR 2016–2020

The next step will be the “migration” from our smartphones to smartlenses. It’s gonna happen, we’re just waiting for the next “Steve Jobs” of the smartglasses.

So when Spatial Web is propagated enough through the world, then we’ll see some really interesting, entertainning and usefull use cases:

Geolocalized augmented reality experiences will tell you stories about the place you’re visiting; reconstructions of old ruins to show how they were; Virtual Tours are going to be the way people see and choose places to stay;

With Spatial Web, marketing will be reborn. Outdoors, mupis, flyers, roll-ups and publicity material will be less used, as everyone has a smartglass with more personalized and relevant ads.

Machines are going to help on cirurgic work; the doctor will be assisted by an AI and have a complete vision of the pacient in AR; everyone may have a virtual doctor assistant and be diagnosed on the fly.

Industry and facilities
Well this one is obviously not needing any type of human interaction, as we can automate and connect in real time all the machines. Every sensor, every robot, will be connected, controlled and autonomous.

AR and cloud colaboration will be the keys to the next level of Architecture. Professionals will design in immersive environments and simulate in real scale.

AI and blockchain will play a major role on democracy. Imagine a world where our governments use decision helpers based on AI and not solely based on their perspectives and experience. It’s like a little guardian angel telling what’s the better decision. Overall, democracy needs a digital transformation.

One day, we’ll be so deeply linked to the web that we won’t be able to distinguish the reality from the x-reality. A merge of Human with machine is going to happen sooner or later, maybe we’re going to witness this sooner than we think.

Maybe it’s going to become so natural having a powerfull nano computer implanted in our brains like having a smartphone today.

And that computer is going to be connected to a large and vast Spatial Web, and so our brains.

What are your thoughts? 😊

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